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  • 2018-02-19

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Project : Omega200:Surfer Server Program

Target 200 Free User ..No Fee To Learn & Earn
We take out our Fee From Your Effort.
Be Part of 10,000 + Selected Highest Paid
Sellable/Resalable Products & Service Under Your Own Vision
Linked to one Network Omega200 to make lot of profit.

Features: Destiny of Unknown Advantages
Gift Vouchers ,Payment Cheques,Bank Transfer
Bond : 20 Years Last :
No of Levels : 800 To cross various beneficial advantage records.
Effort Span : 3 Months to 12 Months
Required User Level : Beginner,Intermediate,Pro

Platform Details : Cloud Hosting
 Project Setup Cost :Not Of User Interest or Not Required
 Project Expansion : 200Trackers,30000Bangers,1LacAstroid
 Many more expensive expansion available.

Project Return Progression :

    1. Sunrise220,Sunrisethunder,Solar220,Solarsonar,SolarSonar400,SolarNeptunekormandala,Universekabra220,UniverseKabraDotDot & more progressive expansion Shot based model

If You want to be part of Our project
You have to Fill out Following questioneer & work as per our guidelines

Name : ___________________________________

Education Pursuing_Passed______________________



You Have Laptop With WiFi ________________________________

You Have Mobile With Internet_________________

Can You wait For Earning Till Certain Time _______________

Can you be punctual on our project related activity whenever required_______________

Do you have dedication towards money making efforts____ _____________

Join us for A life full of experience planned designed & Developed just to
Make so much money that will spread across 1000 of related users to the project.
Effort related to working & prototype lineup of 1000 of keyboard are not required in this project
We only require to work in Omega200surferprogram up to a fix level of Expansion & Convergence .
User associate may keep on working to expand their end based activities .We have many more projects coming on different platform & terminology

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